design features


Highly functional, yet elegant design with a balanced combination of sophisticated technology and craftmanship characterize these multipurpose tables and the complete furniture series. The stainless steel frame based on a 40 x 40 mm square tube construction boldly declares their component based nature.
Flush, countersunk key bolts fix the welded gable sections to the horizontal transoms.
The 20 mm and 26 mm table top is spaced off the main frame by 8 mm cylindrical spacers adding lightness to the design. Each table leg terminates in a solid stainless steel, adjustable cylindrical foot. All stainless components are glass beaded and sealed.


The tables are multifunctional and works well in the dining area, as an elegant working table and as a side table or coffee table in your living room.


The bench offers a resting place, for dining and as a seat in your hallway or at the end of your bed.




modular dimensions

The standard table programme is available in two hights. Seated low 400 mm and seated high 730 mm. Both have adjustable feet, that levels in hight to stabilize according to the underlayer.
The standard length range from 1000 mm units to the maximum size unit of 2400 mm. The standard top depth is 600 mm unit to the deepest at 1000 mm.

Rarely today do you come across products that combine a considered directness in their use of materials, an engineering exactness and a strong visual appeal.

John Small, designer, former partner at Foster & Partners and former European Design Director for Steelcase


model no

STB - størrelser - illustrationer.png


model no






materials and finishes


The frame and other steel components are glass beaded stainless steel. The tabletops are optional in either solid wood, stone or a surface of laminate or linoleum on a core material of birchwood ply.
Other materials are available, on request.


surface materials

  • Glass beaded stainless steel

  • Stone – 20 mm

  • Wood – 26 mm

  • Linoleum – 2 mm

  • Fenix laminates – 0.9 mm

  • Leather – 1.1 mm to 1.6 mm


structural materials

  • Stainless steel – 40 x 40 x 2 mm squared tubes

  • Solid wood – 26 mm, of 40 mm planks

  • Birchwood ply, core material to surfaces – 24 mm

  • Stone – 20 mm


connecting materials

  • Bolts – 6 mm and 10 mm

  • Spacers – 8 mm

  • Foot – 55 mm


notes on materials

  • Stainless steel tubes

The system relies on stainless steel exclusively. All steel components are glass beaded for a hardening of the surface. It is subsequently treated with natural oil, both to protect and to introduce the special matte finish.

  • Linoleum

2 mm linoleum on both top and underside.

  • Laminates

Fenix ColorCore laminatesstudiotable based laminated table tops are always identically laminated on both top and underside.

  • Birchwood ply

Selected from the finest quality birchwood, boned from 1.5mm lamina. The birchwood is given a matte varnish.

  • Solid wood

Solid wood tops are built using full-length 40 mm planks which are interlocked and glued.

  • Leather

Selected high quality leather. A large range is certified with the eco-friendly Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

  • Stone

High-quality stones, with a brushed surface and softened edges.



Three optional treatments are recommended, depending on the ultimate user application – traditional varnish, natural oil, or soap solution.


  • Stainless steel

  • Linoleum

  • Fenix

  • Læder

  • Plywood

  • Stone

STB - størrelser - illustrationer.png